The dogs are transported to all of our destinations in our Adventure Van! We have pet barriers set up to divide the van into compartments. Dogs can often become nervous when in a confined space with other dogs. This allows for us to separate dogs into their own area to keep them secure and comfortable. After your dog’s Adventure, we will send you an email or text with a photo of your dog enjoying his or her day.

Off-Leash Group Play

Your dog can have a full hour of off-leash group play at Quarry Lake dog park as part of a pack of 6 dogs. The small pack size allows for greater control over the dogs and their energy, and increases your dog’s safety while playing with their buddies. Including travel time, your dog will be away from home and socializing with his buddies for 2 to 2.5 hours.


 Solo Walk

If your dog isn’t suited to a group environment or if our Group Adventures don’t fit well into your schedule, we offer Solo Adventures that provide your dog with exercise and stimulation without the stress of other dogs. Your dog can enjoy a one hour leashed walk where he is the center of our attention. We’ll do our best to find a trail or pathway to walk where your dog can find all sorts of interesting smells and areas to explore.

Due to limited availability for Solo Adventures, please contact us to schedule your dog’s Solo Adventure as they cannot be booked online.


Stay-At-Home Boarding

Avoid the stress of a kennel facility and allow your dog to stay in the comfort of your home while you go on vacation. Your dog will get his daily meals after coming on our morning and afternoon off leash group play. We will return to your home in the evenings for a pee break and a cuddle before bedtime.  We can customize your dog’s vacation by adding any other Adventures that you choose while you’re away. Stop worrying and go on vacation knowing that your dog will be having a vacation of his own while you’re away.
Still anxious about leaving them alone? Allow one of us to stay over night with your furry friend. We offer in home boarding if you would like to take the edge of leaving away, So you can make sure you pup is kept as happy and active as possible while you’re away.


Critter Care

Don’t have dogs but need your other critters cared for while you go away? We can look after your cats, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, iguanas, snakes, fish or any other critter you have in your home.


Finally, Additional Services! 

We offer a variety of additional services, including:

Pee break for elderly dogs or puppies

Transportation to the vet/groomer

Pick up of medications/food

Please contact us for a quote as price will depend on the service requested.